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I am modding Grand Theft Auto since 2003 now. This was the year I bought my first and favourite GTA game: Vice City. I liked it so much that I started to port it to the new, improved engine of San Andreas soon after I had finished the base game. This project still exists and you now may know it as GTA United. It was a stepping stone for me. I started writing my first tools for GTA, soon after and worked on a lots of different projects like GTA Berlin. Today I do not have the time to work on so much projects any longer so I try to share my knowledge at the GTA Modding Wiki so that others maybe one day realise the ideas.

Sincerely Yours

Page relaunch successfull!

Finally I have updated and tested my new homepage. It is now back online since October 5th, showing all it's beauty and it's time to say thank you! Thank you all you guys out there that visited my homepage about 1.000 times during the last week. This is just amazing!

This website has been offline for about 1 year now, but still you are returning just like it has never been away. This makes me proud to see and I hope you will like the new homepage just like I do!

What's new?

I decided not to upload all my tools and files I released in the past. From the current point of time many of them are outdated and hard to maintain. It would be too much work for me at the moment to port the tools to a new level.

Anyway the current list of downloads is not yet complete. If you take a closer look you might see that the San Andreas Limit Adjuster is not available in a binary form. I did not yet upload it because of some internal discrepancy with the source code. But don't be afraid – I will reupload it soon!

Also you might have realized, that all downloads are re-releases of the old packages. This is mainly because I have decidet to change the license of the files to a more flexible open source version of the BSD license. This makes it easier for webmasters to share my tools with others. Although this license does not prescribe to link to my homepage it would be nice if you mention it when you decide to share the downloads offered on this website.

Last but not least I have merged the Paths Viewer and the Paths Editor into the re-release of APE 1.1. Although I know that APE can cause random problems on newer systems I decided to put it online again, because many of you are still searching for the tool to easily edit paths.

How do you continue?

Basicly just like before. During the last months I did not have much time left for my projects since I was busy with writing my diploma. Now that I have finished it I am able to put more time into them. As I already mentioned in my last post I am working on some project that has not made it's way into the public yet. I am still active in it and hope to find some time to finish it soon. But my highest priority still is GTA United. But I do not want to talk about it's progress now. You know the sources, so visit them and read the news there!

And the homepage?

... has been finished so far. I do not plan any changes to it's structure or design in the near future. I am satisfied with it and I hope you like it, too. As long as CSS3 is not a registered web-standard it will only show it's full beauty in Firefox.

That's it so far. Enjoy surfing on my homepage!

Happy modding,

Oct 09, '11 - 14:05h by AschrattPerma-Link

New Page: More gameplay, more coding, more social...

Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you a short signal to say that I am still alive and that I not simply left the scene without telling you a single word. Trust me... this is something I could never do!

As you can see I am working on a new web presentation of myself. Thanks to a pretty close friend of mine it already looks awesome in my opinion.

But now I want to give you a short impression about what happened the last weeks...

Basicly my old hoster updated his server hardware. Unfortunately my whole database got lost without any up-to-date backup. This was when I decided to finally start working on my new homepage what already has been planned for a long time now. Due a lack of time Sven took over the part of web design and web engineering. I am lucky about this since I do not realy have a hand for artistic stuff. And finally I am more than satisfied with the result. I hope you like it, too!

By the way – the new design uses the latest developments in web standarts and homepage design (CSS3, HTML5, and all this crazy stuff, you know?!). There is no need to say that this is the future of web development. So in my honest opinion there is no need to create a support for out-dated stuff. There will be no compatibility for older browsers. We are pointing right into the future what forces us to simply start making a clear break with standarts of the past! So if you are still using Internet Explorer 6 it's the perfect time for you to get rid of it, finally!

What happens to the files?

Yea... the files! Of course they will get back online, if I have restored all of them. So don't be afraid! I am simply holding them back at the moment. But I hope that I got all downloads back online within the next weeks or months.

... and the projects?

Of course they are still alive just as I am. Anyway there are some things you should know.

For example we stopped the GTA: United Developer Page. However this does not mean that we also stopped working on the modification. We just released a new internal version with many improvements. We are finally at a stage where we are starting merging the work we did the last month to put it together to a huge union resulting in 1.2 (or a beta of it). You will also be able to read some news about it in the early future. We simply had to talk about several organisation aspects connected to the end or rebirth or however-you-may-call-it of one of our major supporters GTA Worldmods.

Also I have not only been working on GTA United the last months. I also got another project running, which I haven't announced, yet. I do not want to tell too much about it but trust me: You will hear from me as soon as this project is in a stage where we can talk about more details (and trust me: we are almost there!).

Whoaaa... come to an conclusion!

As you wish, so here is a list of the most important points:

  • I've got a new homepage design and the new homepage will relaunch soon.
  • I am working on 2 major projects at the moment.
  • GTA United is not dead and will follow up with some news soon!
  • Another top-secret project is right about to be announced.
  • Sience just discovered the first exosolar planet inside the habitale zone: Gliese 581g.

That's all so far... thank you for your interest!

Greetings and much love,

P.S.: Damn, those new templates are sexy...

Oct 05, '10 - 21:46h by AschrattPerma-Link

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